Sunday, 17 January 2010

Shotlist - part 2 of episode 1 - Lines

After a change of plan with the story boarding, I have decided to instead do a shot list of the second part of the script for episode 1 of Lines. Kirk explained that if we all did parts of the storyboard it would be confusing, he has printed out the storyboard templates and thinks we should all do it together on Monday - which I think is a better idea.

However, Matt L and I decided instead to do a shot list for everyone to use on Monday so it would consequently be easier to so a storyboard while following the shot list. Matt decided to do the first part of the script and I did the second after splitting the task in to two, below is my version of the shot list. It is only to give a basic idea of the shots but in my opinion think I have done well judging from the script.

shotlist - continued from

JAKE (narration)

“Meeting someone like him, made me question why he ended up in detention in the first place.”

  1. close up of JAKE first.
  2. cut to close up of ZEKE after quote ‘meeting someone like him’ while narration continues
  3. cut to present detention room, long establishing shot
  4. shot of clock to symbolise time - afternoon
  5. mid shot of TAYLOR sitting on top of a table
  6. mid shot of MEGAN with headphones in
  7. mid shot of MEGAN taking headphones out and turning to JAKE
  8. close up shot of MEGAN while talking 'So, you're an actor? What's it like being famous?'
  9. camera cuts back to JAKE looking up
  10. close up of TAYLOR until line ‘I’ve never heard of him’
  11. quick cut back to JAKE
  12. close up of TAYLOR again while dialogue 'he wouldn't be in detention, would he?
  13. long shot of detention room
  14. close up of MEGAN while dialogue 'No, but listen to this, right.'
  15. mid shot of JAKE sighing and dialogue ‘Look guys.’
  16. shots of characters turning to face JAKE
  17. close up of JAKE continuing dialogue 'That's all there is to know.'
  18. pause. shot of whole detention room. silence
  19. close up of ZEKE while dialogue 'I wonder how the others are getting on..'
  20. camera PANS to MEGAN
  21. close up of MEGAN while dialogue 'Don't get me started', perhaps over the shoulder shot
  22. shot of door opening and SETH walking in.
  23. camera holds to see TEACHER 1.
  24. continuous quick shots to show argument.
  25. close up of TEACHER 1 while dialogue ‘I’ve had it up to here with your lies!’
  26. quick close up of SETH
  27. close up of TEACHER 1, finishes dialogue.
  28. over the shoulder shot of SETH ‘If you’d just let me explain’
  29. quick shot of the whole detention room. Everyone is looking.
  30. final shot of TEACHER 1 while dualogue occurs
  31. Mid shot of TEACHER 1 leaving the room
  32. close up of door slamming
  33. mid shot of SETH turning
  34. quick close ups of characters to establish puzzled looks
  35. close up of SETH while dialogue.
  36. Camera fades out.

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