Monday, 11 January 2010

Rough T Shirt Designs - Marketing

Here are some rough designs for our t shirt marketing method. The font is different from the font on the facebook logo, but this font will later be changed to the font we have used on these t shirts. A T shirt in my opinion is an excellent way to promote something, as it gets people noticed - something like this will really help in our advertising and marketing aspect of the show project.

We have also included a slogan on the back of the t shirts which features in the script, it is said by the teacher and will be one of the slogans of the web series. We used a t shirt making website called spreadshirt, to create a T shirt design for the web series.

We have decided to operate through a 'make to order' process, in which a T shirt will be made and send out by spreadshirt when someone would like to purchase one, rather than buying the t shirts in bulk ourself and handing them out if any one wants to buy one, we are therefore saving a lot of our budget by doing this - which I think is a very good idea.

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