Saturday, 9 January 2010

Idea for title sequence

The main idea i had was based around the name Lines, so i thought we could have a close up of a hand writing the name LINES on the whiteboard, then it zooms out: I thought we could have each character quickly writing their name on the board, but like in the title sequence of scrubs, after they write their name and turn round, they change into another character,

look at this from the titles of scrubs:

They change, so someone turns round, writes there name, turns back and changes into another character, then they do the same. only very short like that scrubs intro.

I was also thinking about slowing the frame rate down slightly so its kinda jumpy, like someone is taking loads of photos and creating a sort of flip book of it, so its all slighty distorted.

Just and idea. I believe i can do this alright, so if you guys are happy with it, we can shoot it when i'm back on thursday.

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