Monday, 25 January 2010

Peer / teacher feedback on our 1st episode

We have received feedback on our 1st episode for or web series 'lines'

Here is a list of the peer feedback we received from the class:
  • Sound levels need improving (some bits louder than others)(Mentioned 5 times)
  • CD films logo to long (Mentioned 4 times)
  • Credits are to fast at the end (Mentioned 3 times)
  • Poor acting
  • Opening sequence is to repetitive
  • Editing of the video is good & works well
  • Nice logos, they look well made and effective to the audience
  • Poorly recorded narration
  • Inappropriate music used throughout the video (including the opening sequence)
  • Camera work could be better
  • Too many cuts
  • Script is too basic
  • Poor cuts used
  • Poorly planned
  • The actors need auditions before acting in next video as they don't seem very confident in the first episode (Mentioned 3 times)
  • Catchy song works well (Mentioned 3 times)
  • The stereotypes are not clearly shown in the 1st episode
  • Need more close ups
  • Need more core content
  • Visual gags of skeleton work well
  • Need more comedy rather than drama to make it more comedic
  • Continuity issues need improving (Mentioned 3 times)

Here is the feedback we received from Pete (Teacher):
  • When the character is holding the polos, there could of been a close up
  • While I was watching the 1st episode, it felt as if I was in a theater, there needs to be more use of close ups and shot changes
  • Voice over explaining each character works well, needs to be more narration
  • Cut to show different characters
  • More planning is needed prior to next shoot (rehearsals etc) to avoid bad acting
  • High angle show works well, but panning shot doesn't work within the same shot
  • Sound levels need improving / editing

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