Monday, 1 February 2010

Feedback on episode 2

In todays session we have received peer & teacher feedback on our 2nd episode of 'Lines'.

Peer feedback
  • A couple of interesting shots
  • Strange narrative, cannot understand it (7 People mentioned this)
  • Cuts well
  • Characters work well
  • Sound levels are high & low (5 people mentioned this)
  • Taster bit / preview works well (3 people mentioned this)
  • Too much in one content in one episode (2 people mentioned this)
  • Good angles used
  • Jumps too much
  • Pointless shots used
  • Confusing genre (comedy or drama?)
  • Acting is not very good, could be better
  • Spy could of been done better, e.g appears in the room like is the skeleton
  • Silent moments ned sorting out
  • Need quicker cuts
  • Continuity works well
  • 'Jaws' sound / music cuts in too suddenly & drops out to early
Teacher feedback (Pete)
  • Continuity with previous episode (costume, scripting) works well
  • Elliot's character has been developed well
  • Use of jaws music?
  • Suddenly goes silent
  • Much better editing than the 1st episode
  • Add footage, where it goes black / silent?
  • Like the taster for episode 3 at the end

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